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How to deal with the surface pockmarks when using the film machine?

2020-12-11 15:48:53

A lot of high-speed equipment has been developed in our industry. However, there will also be some problems in the use of the film machine, such as the surface of the coating film has small spots, how should we deal with it?

Manifestation: there are small spots on the surface of the coating film

Analyze the causes of the occurrence

1. Small shavings, sawdust and dust pollute the paint film and form improper dust removal.

2. The film former starts to solidify and the gel particles form.

3. The UV coating formulation is improper or the storage temperature is too high, and the storage time is too long, and the UV light is shining.


Suggested treatment method:

1. Select the uvcoating with proper formula and stable performance.

2. The storage time of UV coating should not exceed 3 months.

3. Clean the environment around the paint line as much as possible, and do a good job of dust removal on the workshop, production line and film coating machine.

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