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How to choose automatic laminating machine?

2020-12-11 15:48:53

Automatic laminating machine in the selection, which is there are three major selection details, so what are the main details? Let's learn more about it.

1. Selection of varieties:

Many people may not know that there are many detailed classification of vacuum laminating machine. According to the different product structure, we can divide vacuum laminating machine into semi-automatic vacuum laminating machine, automatic vacuum laminating machine, upper and lower heating vacuum laminating machine, upper and lower heating vacuum laminating machine, positive and negative press. Each variety has very different product equipment. Customers must select the suitable products according to their own needs before purchasing.


2. Equipment selection:

If we have careful observation in our usual purchase, we will find that the equipment used by each manufacturer's vacuum laminating machine is different. For example, the manufacturer may choose sheet metal and sheet iron, which are two completely different materials with different functions, to make the vacuum laminating machine. In this way, the quality of the vacuum laminating machine will be greatly different. Customers should pay more attention to this point.

3. After sales:

At this time, it is inevitable that many defects in the after-sales service of the products will be attributed to the application of the vacuum machine in the after-sales service.

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