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How should Jiangmen laminating machine be maintained?

2020-12-11 15:51:09

In printing and other professions, some easy to fold, vulnerable, easy to wet text documents will be attached to a layer of plastic film after printing. In this way, the documents are not only waterproof, antifouling, wear-resistant, folding resistant and chemical corrosion resistant, but also more beautiful. Laminating machine is the plastic film coated with adhesive and paper documents pressed together. It has a wide range of uses; but the laminating machine for its own internal parts accuracy requirements are very high, in daily operation, people may neglect the maintenance, and let a mechanical part damaged, and then lead to the processing text fuzzy, not smooth, scratch and other issues.

The daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine is very important. The daily maintenance is considerate, which can reduce the file problems after processing and prevent many troubles. Then how to maintain the laminating machine? What problems should be paid attention to. Next, I will briefly introduce some key points that should be paid attention to during the maintenance.


1. Clean the machine, especially the heating roller and rubber roller at the head part and the gluing and scraping roller at the tail part. When the machine is shut down, the surface of the roller must be wiped clean. If there is oil stain or scratch on the surface of the roller that cannot be wiped off, it should be removed for grinding.

2. Lubricating oil should be added regularly, and special attention should be paid to the lubrication of the bearings at both ends of the heating drum, as well as the lubrication of the reducer, so as to ensure that the machine is in excellent lubrication condition.

3. The connecting bolts of all parts should be checked regularly to ensure excellent connection.

4. The grounding of fuselage must be safe and reliable to prevent electric shock.

5. Carry out four major inspections in half a year.

The above points are the key points of maintenance that should be paid attention to. Of course, when your machine breaks down, please do not act rashly. You should contact the repair personnel to repair in time to prevent other problems. In order to increase the service life of your machine, daily maintenance is very important.

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