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What important equipment is equipped on the laminating machine?

2020-12-11 15:51:09

Laminating machine can be divided into two categories: coating machine and precoating laminating machine. It is a kind of special equipment for paper, board and film mounting. After being pressurized by rubber roller and heating roller, it is combined into paper and plastic products. So what are the important equipment on the laminating machine?

1. Coating oil head: the newly imported technology can be controlled by frequency converter. The glue is evenly coated after high precision grinding.

2. Dust removal equipment: the dust of the paper is absorbed by the fan through the beating brush and brush roller on the conveyor belt, and then it is crushed by the electric heating roller to remove the dust on the straight face, so that the paper can be transported accurately without displacement or dislocation.


3. Active paper feeder: under the design of paper feed head, thick and thin paper can be sent out smoothly and quickly without interruption. During operation, the corresponding position of head and paper stack can be adjusted actively. It is equipped with continuous paper equipment.

4. Laminating machine active slitting equipment: slitting length according to the paper will be actively set, fast speed, no noise. For the poor quality of paper hardness will be rolled, saving manpower and reducing the amount of resources.

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