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What is the working principle of the film machine?

2020-12-11 15:51:09

The film coating machine is mainly composed of four types of machines, which are the main machine, mirror roller system, discharging system and winding system. Our company's film machine, unit with polyethylene, polypropylene and other materials, using tape casting flat film extrusion coating process, after extrusion molding and a variety of substrate such as plastic woven cloth, paper, non-woven fabric, etc. for film coating or composite, improve the strength and density of materials, widely used in plastic tent, sunshade cloth, geotextile, heavy packaging materials production. It is especially suitable for extruding and compounding plastic woven fabric with BOPP color film to produce single side wide color striped cloth.


The whole technological process of the film coating machine is monotone and group control linkage, the extruder adopts active temperature control, stepless speed regulation and long-life screen change, high-precision bi-directional adjustment die head, active correction device for double position release, magnetic powder brake for multi position color film release, double-layer cooling structure and double position for composite cold roll Semi active external friction winding or central winding, the clutch of each roller of the whole machine is controlled by pneumatic. The unit is equipped with a set of rotary fabric turning device, which is used for laminating the cylinder plastic woven fabric on both sides (completed by one process).
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