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How to operate the machine correctly?

2020-12-11 15:51:09

The film machine has the advantages of high automation, simple operation, high production speed, uniform coating thickness, high adhesion fastness, smooth coiling, no pollution, saving labor and raw material cost. These advantages are shown on the basis of the correct operation of the film coating machine. Therefore, the methods of how to use the coating machine correctly are summarized as follows:

First, the operator needs to turn on the main power switch of the film coating machine to make the machine in the pre start state. At this time, the light is not very bright. It will take about 1-2 minutes to reach the normal level, and then the paper can be selected and put in.


Secondly, the operator needs to check whether all the top cots have the coating liquid. Since the pump for extracting the coating liquid starts to work after turning on the power supply, the coating liquid is pumped into the grooves of the two upper cots, and the coating liquid pumped into the grooves of the two upper cots will flow towards both ends of the cots. During the rotation of the cots, the coating liquid on both sides of the cots will be wrapped on both sides of the cot. this process is about It's also 1-2 minutes. The way to check is to look inside the cots from the paper inlet.

Furthermore, put a piece of plain paper to get rid of the film. Check that all the top cots are glued with the coating liquid. After that, you can put a piece of ordinary paper to get rid of the film. The functions are as follows: 1. Check whether the surface of the paper has been smeared with the coating liquid; 2. Check whether the surface coating liquid can be solidified after the paper comes out; 3. The back of the ordinary paper will take away the greasy on the lower cot, so as to clean the lower cot.

Then you can use the film machine normally.

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