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Problems that may occur when using glue mounting machine

2020-12-11 15:51:09

One, book block milling behind the bad

1. If the book block is not in order, it may be that the book block is not placed neatly. Make sure that each piece of paper is placed exactly. 2. When milling the back of book block, the back milling amount is too small, so the book supporting board should be lowered to make the milling depth of 1.5-2.5mm (small milling cutter). 3. If the milling cutter cover plate is not in proper orientation, it is not parallel when opening, or it is not open enough or too large. It is necessary to re install the milling cutter cover plate, or replace the severely worn flat caster. 4. If the milling cutter is damaged or not sharp, it should be replaced with a new one. 5. Too high or too low of the chute small sharp knife, the angle is not correct, the small sharp knife is blunt, adjust the angle of the small sharp knife correctly, and replace the small milling cutter.

Second, the back of the book on the glue uneven 1, the gap between the squeegee film and the rubber roller is not uniform, adjust to make it even. 2. If the direction of scraper is too high or too low, the height should be adjusted correctly. 3. The upper cot is running out and the one-way bearing is worn. Replace the bearing. 4. If the upper cot does not move, the bearing may be damaged. Replace the bearing. 5. The glue in the glue pot is not fully melted, maybe the temperature setting of the glue pot is not appropriate.

3. The side glue is not good. 1. The side glue is too much or too little. Adjust the gap between the top roller and the scraping film to be 0.5-0.8mm. 2. Too much or too little side glue, adjust the height of the scraper. 3. Check whether the upper cots do not rotate or roll flexibly.

4. Poor sealing 1. The indentation on the cover is misplaced, and the indentation should be correct. 2. If the cover is skewed, it should be ensured that the cover is placed properly, and the side faces of positioning pins and positioning magnets on both sides should be close to the cover.

3. The cover itself is uneven or unevenly cut.

5. Poor book binding: 1. One end of the book is flat and one end is circular, and the book block clamp (trolley) is lack of clamping force. During milling, the book block is skew and running. Adjust the book block clip.

2. Check whether the book block is flat, and whether it is improved or pressed on the table surface after being hastened. If so, remove the book core board and pad the compensation tape on its inner side to eliminate this phenomenon. 3. One side of the book is straight and the other side is circular arc. The splint is tight and loose at the same time. Calibrate the orientation of the splint. 4. The back of the book is wrinkled. It may be that the cover is too thin or the book block is not well milled. 5. Book back wrinkle, may be the splint pressure set too large, or the package of the supporting plate pressure is too large, to carefully check and eliminate the problem.


6. Book degumming and loose page 1. The milling depth of book block is not good, and the book page is not milled into single page, which causes the book degumming and loose page, the milling depth should be added. 2. The hot melt glue temperature is too low, and the poor fluidity and permeability of glue liquid cause the book degumming and loose page. The hot melt glue temperature should be raised to 170-178 ℃. 3. If the hot melt adhesive on the back of the book is too thin to cause the book degumming and loose pages, the thickness of the back glue should be controlled within 0.6-2mm. 4. Improper use of hot melt adhesive model causes Book degumming and loose pages. The hot-melt adhesive that matches the model, season and paper should be selected. 5. The inside pages of the book block are too thick, covered with film, or are not sticky at all, so the paper can not be used for wireless binding.

7. The back of the book is not square 1. Use a sharp milling back knife to mill the back of the book, causing the book back not square, replace the sharp milling back knife. 2. The uneven glue on the back causes the book back to be out of square. You should adjust the glue structure to make the glue on the back even. 3. It is suggested that the back of the book is not square due to improper supporting structure.

8. The cover is not flat and the cover bar line is obvious. 1. The side glue amount is too large to form the cover uneven and the cover bar line is obvious. Adjust the glue amount. 2. Too thin cover film, hot melt adhesive hot shrinkage deformation, so should ensure a certain cover thickness. 3. The texture direction and spine direction of book block paper are straight, which leads to the bad formation of spine and the distortion and unevenness of the cover.

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