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  • How to choose automatic laminating machine?

    Automatic laminating machine in the selection, which is there are three major selection details, so what are the main details? Let's learn more about it. 1. Select varieties: many people may not know that vacuum laminating machine has many detailed classifications. According to the different product structure, we can divide vacuum laminating machine into semi-automatic vacuum laminating machine, automatic vacuum laminating machine, upper and lower heating vacuum laminating machine, upper and lower heating vacuum laminating machine, positive and negative press. Each variety has very different product equipment. Customers must choose their own varieties according to their own needs before purchasing


  • How to deal with the surface pockmarks when using the film machine?

    A lot of high-speed equipment has been developed in our industry. However, there will be some problems when the film machine is used. For example, there are small spots on the surface of the coating film. How should we deal with them? Manifestation: there are small spots on the surface of the coating film. Analyze the causes: 1. Small shavings, sawdust and dust pollute the paint film, and dust is not properly formed. 2. The film former starts to solidify and the gel particles form. 3. The UV coating formulation is improper or the storage temperature is too high, and the storage time is too long


  • Common problems of laminating machine

    Laminating machine is widely used, no matter it is packaging or printing, the post press processing of products can not do without the assistance of laminating machine. In the laminating machine operation, it is inevitable to encounter some problems. Today, Tongjia machinery to introduce the common problems of laminating machine, so that the operators can find out and protect them in time. Laminating machine 1, the machine does not start: the input wire is blocked, the power line is reversed, the voltage is not good. 2. Inaccurate temperature measurement: whether the thermocouple and temperature controller are installed incorrectly or damaged. 3. The vacuum degree of the operation cannot come up: the air circuit is blocked, the hand valve or solenoid valve is not closed, and the belt of the vacuum pump motor is loose


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