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Small label coating machine

The materials used are as follows:

For environmental friendly water-based playing cards, tags, labels, cards, gift boxes, photos, pictures, paper, wedding photos, inside pages, recipes, advertising, printing surface treatment.

Machine features and functions:

1. The membrane liquid can be recycled, no cleaning, no cutting and automatic air drying.

2. Easy to operate and low cost. Fast. The air drying time is short. It doesn't occupy any space. It's very convenient to transport.

Good abrasion resistance, good abrasion resistance, good abrasion resistance.

Emergency switch setting, safe operation.

4. Replace the traditional film mulching technology. Very good to improve work efficiency!

5. High speed, feeding Teflon conveyor belt. Odorless environmental protection, infrared heating, adjustable temperature. Constant temperature saves power and time.

Description of machine parameters:

Model: lm-a

Size: 12 ", 18", 24 "

Film width: 340mm, 480mm, 620mm

Drying method: infrared IR lamp

Film thickness: 1-5mm adjustable thickness

Film speed: 10 m / min

Power: 2.5kW, 2.5kW, 4.5kw

Power supply: single phase 220 V

Machine size: 152 * 80 * 110cm

Package size: 157 * 87 * 127cm

Packing: wooden case, wooden frame