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UV coating machine for large advertising printing paper

Characteristics of action: 1

1. It can be used for the surface treatment of photo, picture, paper and advertisement printing.

2. It has fine workmanship and beautiful appearance, and can be over 5mm thick ktboard.

3. Waterproof, wear-resistant and scratch resistant.

4. Easy operation, low cost and wide application,
5. Fast speed, high efficiency and good effect.

6. Both smooth and matte. The thickness of gonorrhea can be adjusted arbitrarily.

7. Adjustable speed, variable frequency motor, drying with weak light, medium light and strong light.

8. Electric control of paper feeding table, making robot sex.

Advantages of gonorrhea
Compared with the traditional cold and hot film mounting, the coating has the following advantages:

The permeability can be increased by more than 50% without blistering and scratching.

The eluant can be recycled and covered easily without waste products.

In making an integrated photo album, the advantages of film coating can not only reduce the thickness of the photo, but also will not fold in terms of indentation, and cold and hot film mounting is very difficult to avoid.

It is fast and low cost.
Cost analysis: the thickness of the coating solution is adjustable, which is generally 3-5g / m2, and can be diluted with alcohol. One kilogram of the coating liquid can be used for coating about 200 square meters, that is to say, the actual cost is 0.2 yuan / square meter to 0.3 yuan / square meter, while the cost of cold mounting film is 7.5 yuan / square meter; The cost of film covering for photo machine is 3-5 yuan / m2. Therefore, to buy a film machine is actually to buy a machine to make money

Machine parameters:

Machine size220*140*120cm
powerAC380V/50HZ, 10KW
Package size230*154*131cm
Net weight / gross weight500KG /600KG
Working speed1 min / 10-20 M

Instructions for ordering:

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