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Smooth laminating machine 950mm



max working width950mm
max working thickness930mm
heating method

IR lamp

power supply3 KW
Package size2300*850*1450mm

Structural characteristics:

The machine is heated by hot plating oil pipe, and the heating is uniform,withBOPPFilm as material,After laminating, the product has the advantages of high transparency, strong three-dimensional sense, non-toxic, odorless, no pollution to the environment, good adhesion performance, no snowflakes, no foaming and so on.

It can be widely used inPhotos,Books, magazines, boxes, etcThe surface of printed matter is coated.

Optical mechanical lamination, embossing lamination, one-time molding, fast speed, saving time and cost.

It can be replaced with various pattern sticks, easy to disassemble and assemble, flexible and changeable.

It is equipped with tension device.

Structural characteristics:

1.This machine is using internal heating of plating oil tube, uniform heating. It uses bopp film as materials. After the film laminating, the product is highly transparent, viscous, nontoxicandenvironment-friendly with a strong 3-D appeal and no smell, snowflake spots andbubbles.

2.It can be widely used inPhotos, packing box, food box, books and periodicals.

3.It can laminate both plain and pattern. High efficiency, save time and money.

4.Interchangeablepattern roller. Easy disassemblyand creations.

Install with tension device.