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950mm Hanrong machine

specification 950mm
working width 950mm
working thickness 5mm
working speed 15m/min
dry way Uv lamp
power supply AC220V/50HZ
max rate of power 2.5KW
machine dimension 2140*1040*1000mm
N/G 310KG/350KG
packing size 2320*1150*1220mm

Structural features:

  • This machine is suitable for all kinds of media (non waterproof paper, waterproof paper, chrome paper, laser film, photographic paper, etc.).
  • Machine speed and medium coating thickness can be adjusted.
  • One of the important parts is made of stainless steel, with extraordinary reliability, can improve the clarity of the image, greatly reduce the cost of materials.
  • This machine is widely used in digital image, wedding photography gallery, color photo printing, laser printing, graphic output, digital printing, photo output, etc.
  • With unique laminating roller and flexible layered setting, it can automatically adapt to the thickness of coated paper (0.2-5mm).
  • Easy to change rolls.