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1.6m film machine

model LM-B1600
Specification 63inch
Max working width 1600mm
Max working thickness 5mm
Speed 15m/min
Dry way uv lamp
Power supply voltage 380V
Power consumption 10KW

Structural features:

Large size flat board UV laminating press is used for surface treatment of photo, paper, clothing and post press.

It can be applied to many different styles of paper and materials on one machine.It can be flat paper and cardboard, rolled into rolls, etc.

The pneumatic lifting scraper cleans the bottle body of the steel roller with high efficiency.

The product has waterproof, wear-resistant, wear-resistant, wear-resistant and other properties.

Easy to operate, low cost and widely used.

It can do common coating and pattern embossing at the same time.

Fast drying, immediate drying,quality.