Welcome to the official website of Huayue photographic equipment factory, Pengjiang district, Jiangmen City!

Service commitment:

(1) Before the equipment leaves the factory, we will carry out the commissioning and trial production of the equipment in our company. After the customer is satisfied, we will pack and ship the equipment.

(2) During equipment debugging, technical training in theory and practice will be carried out for users under the guidance of our company's technical personnel.

(3) After the delivery of the equipment, the company provides on-site installation, commissioning and retraining of operators before taking up their posts.

(4) The equipment shall be guaranteed for one year, and the supplier shall be responsible for the repair or replacement of the equipment due to non-human factors during the warranty period.

(5) During the warranty period of the equipment, the company has the responsibility to provide solutions to help users recover production in a short time.

(6) After the quality assurance period of the equipment, the company only charges the maintenance cost for the equipment within three years.

Sincere service: 

(7) Let the smile flow around all the time, whether it is colleagues or customers.

(8) Listen to every need, only really transpose thinking, there is really close service.